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Strategic Planning

A R T O V offers a fully tailored strategic planning service using a selection of tried-and-true business tools, industry experience and market analysis to help you identify opportunities in the market, mitigate risks, manage weaknesses, and leverage your strengths.

We can help you define your vision and values, complete internal and external analysis, identify and mitigate risks, set goals and objectives, and create an execution roadmap to implement your strategy.

Need a second pair of eyes or a review of your current strategy? A R T O V can also dust off your current strategic plan and undertake a full strategic plan review to give it a refresh, develop it to be more compelling, sustainable, and purposeful, differentiate you from your competition and increase your chances of success!

Engage A R T O V now to start your new strategic journey.

Sustainability Management

Where does your business sit on the sustainability continuum? Are you actively doing your part and realising the benefits of doing so, or do you want to do more, but don’t know how, and need help?

A R T O V can’t stress enough how important it is for your business to have a sustainability strategy. Investors, banks, partners, and customers are increasingly expecting businesses to be taking action to be more circular, sustainable, and transparent with regards to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development.

A R T O V can help you align and design a bespoke sustainability strategy that provides a roadmap of material, realistic and achievable actions.

We are also GRI certified, which means we can help you report on your sustainability performance to foster transparency, encourage accountability, and monitor and share your sustainable business practices.

A R T O V have connected with climate and sustainability experts to ensure only the best advice, tools and resources are used to help you on your sustainability journey.

Operational Excellence Review

Our Operational Excellence Review services are designed to help businesses optimise their operations, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

We analyse every aspect of a business’s operations, from supply chain management to human resources, and provide actionable recommendations that will support your business strategy.

Work will be tailored to meet your needs. For example, it may include a desktop review of operational policy and procedure, interviews with key stakeholders, and a survey of operational team members. It may also extend to completing market analysis and external research to look for solutions to identified problems.

A R T O V will help your business identify inefficiencies, streamline processes, and implement best practices. Our operational review services enable businesses to achieve sustainable growth and profitability by maximizing their resources and reducing waste.

You will receive insights, analysis, research, and recommendations for your consideration.

Business Advisory

Our advisory services provide businesses with guidance to help them solve real business problems, make hard decisions, or understand their options. We can offer support in a range of business areas including:

  • Leadership & governance
  • Strategic planning & execution
  • Sustainability & climate change
  • Risk identification & mitigation
  • Operational performance & excellence
  • Marketing & business development
  • People & organisational behaviour
  • Property & contract negotiation
  • Research & analysis
  • Monitoring & reporting
  • Financial & economic matters
  • Project & programme management
  • Navigating the government & public sector
  • Social & community development
  • Social housing contracting & operations

A R T O V works closely with our clients to listen to and understand their unique needs and goals and provide tailored advice that enables them to make informed decisions.

Our advisory services provide businesses with the support they need to achieve sustainable growth and profitability in a rapidly changing business environment.

On-Going Support

Gone are the days when your strategic reports sat in the top drawer, collecting dust.

A R T O V recommends that your strategic plan and execution roadmaps should be reviewed quarterly and utilised as a ‘live’ reference document to monitor progress, adjusted regularly to changing market conditions and used to communicate with your team and key stakeholders.

One thing that we are very certain of at A R T O V, is that there will be change.

Your business will need to remain agile in the current business climate and make frequent strategic moves to maintain competitive advantage, seize opportunities and adapt to external forces out of your control.

A R T O V can help you stay fresh and relevant with our ongoing support package.

To find out more about this service – get in touch.



The team are currently developing an online shop to help make strategy creation easy and fun.

There will be a selection of free and purchasable tools to help you create that winning strategy!

This will be your one-stop strategy shop! Look out for this over the coming months.


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