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There is an art to creating a sustainable enterprise that meets the needs of the business, people, and planet today, without compromising the needs of the business, people, and planet tomorrow.

A R T O V exists to improve our world by helping small and medium-sized enterprises design and execute their circular, sustainable, operational, business, and corporate strategies.

The concept of strategy has been around for thousands of years and has historically been used in war and politics. It was not until the 1960’s that the concept of strategic management was introduced into the business world.

Today you will hear the word strategy used in almost all arenas, including politics, business, and sport.

There are many different schools of thought on what strategy is, and what it is not.

Here at A R T O V, strategy is about understanding a problem, analysing the environment, formulating tactics or strategies to solve the problem, and taking action!

Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless

Morris Chang


Our team specialises in helping businesses win through carefully crafted business strategies. We offer our knowledge, insights, and business tools to assist you to:

  • design, develop, or review your corporate, business, operational, and sustainability strategies
  • identify your strategic and sustainability priorities
  • harness your strengths and identify opportunities to test and exploit
  • take a more holistic approach through alignment and adoption of sustainability principles and practices of circularity, sustainable development, and environmental, social and governance (ESG)
  • manage sustainability risks and opportunities
  • understand the ecosystem – the players (who is who), what is new, what you need to know, who can help you, where to focus your attention, how to implement changes and when
  • reduce cost by adopting both sustainable and circular practices
  • redesign your operations to be more effective and efficient
  • develop a sustainability roadmap (plan) to help guide your strategy execution
  • report on your sustainability performance (yes, we are GRI certified)
  • solve your business problems.

Whether you’re a one-man band or have 5, 50, or 500 employees, ARTOV can help you develop a strategy to realise your vision and business goals.


Do we have a good understanding of our business problem(s)?
Is it time to examine our internal and external business environment?
Do we need help to create fresh strategies to test?
Are we clear about our strategy?
Are we investing in the right capabilities to win?
What does winning look like?
What is my next move?